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Brand Building

Brand Building

General Target of Service Brand Building


ChinaEDB’s service brand building is focusing on the effective identification, classification, and integration of all the resources in our engineering and financial network so as to continually improve clients’ satisfaction, fulfill our commitment to providing professional, reliable, efficient, and personalized services to both clients and talents, and realize sustainable development with diversity and diversification. Our ultimate target is to build ChinaEDB as a unique brand to meet both clients and talents’ needs, no matter what kind of needs they may have.


(1)Enhance professional service level: Reduce and avoid delayed operations originating from different kinds of reasons to ensure the stability of operational process; Review the resumes’ validity to make certain they are updated within one year; Strive for the transition from passive provision of services to provide our services initiatively.

(2)Increase service resource management efficiency: Conduct reasonable classification to find maximum qualified data in minimum time; Set up accountability services to achieve 100% accountability execution; Explore the better mechanism of up-to-date high-end talents pool search with the assistance from ChinaEDB data center.  In addition, keep a long-term communication between the clients and our professional consultants to update the information timely and sufficiently.

(3)Improve communication environment: Build up simple but comfortable B2B or B2C environment; Establish logical and reasonable operational process; Build a consultant team with a professional, integrity, and courtesy image; Create an open, orderly and harmonious working atmosphere.


Home Brand Building

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