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Service Advantages

Service Advantages

We have saved millions of resumes of medium and high level talents in related industries from all over China.  Every resume has been reviewed and checked by ChinaEDB in a professional way.  You can achieve the information you need either through full-time headhunting or part-time cooperation with us.  


1. Professional: Our consultants have rich work experience in related fields such as engineering and financial industries;

2. Reliable: Independent background investigation and standard after-sale service; Stable personnel;

3. Efficient: Able to recommend suitable candidates or professionally provide project plan within 5 working days;

4. Personalized: We can provide tailor-made proposal to fulfill any of your needs;

5. Sustainable development: Devoted to develop good and stable relationship with clients for a long term; Committed to provide professional and tailor-made service in accordance with clients’various needs, including the needs of different business characteristics and those in the different business development stages;

6. Diversity & Diversification: Dedicated to providing diverse and diversified professional services to meet clients’ various needs in today’s ever changing market;


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